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Application component details help

I am trying to extract a list of the configured applications and the details of the components with in those applications.

I can get the application name and component names, but I am having trouble figuring out the table that correlates the component details.

I want to retrieve the URL from HTTP or HTTPS component monitors, service names from service component monitors, and process names from process component monitors.

Can someone tell me what table to get this level of details from?

Here is the basic SWQL query that I have now:

SELECT C.ComponentID, C.ComponentName, A.Name AS ApplicationName, A.Status AS AppStatus, A.StatusDescription AS AppStatusDesc, N.Caption AS NodeName
FROM Orion.APM.Component C
INNER JOIN Orion.APM.Application A ON C.ApplicationID=A.ApplicationID
INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes N ON A.NodeID=N.NodeID


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Everything goes from ComponentTemplateSetting unless you have any components where you hit the "override template" button.  I usually end up reporting on them by doing something like this

select top 20
, c.Name
, cts.key
, isnull(cs.Value,cts.Value) as value
, c.ComponentType

from orion.nodes n
join orion.apm.Application a on a.nodeid=n.nodeid
left join orion.apm.Component c on c.ApplicationID = a.ApplicationID
left join orion.apm.ComponentTemplateSetting cts on cts.ComponentTemplateID =c.TemplateID
left join orion.apm.ComponentSetting cs on cs.ComponentID=c.ComponentID and cs.key=cts.Key

where cts.key in ('Url')

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Product Manager
Product Manager

You will find component settings, like the URL configured for a specific component, in the APM_ComponentDefinitionSetting table. 

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Thanks for the help.  It pointed me in the right direction.  

I didn't have very many values in the Orion.APM.ComponentDefinitionSetting table.  I had to pull the URL details from the Orion.APM.ComponentTemplateSetting table.