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Anyone else have back end Database problems when you update Solarwinds Orion?

We have run into an odd issue and I am looking to see if anyone has this same issue.  EVERY time we update Solarwinds during the database update it does 'something' and removes a bunch of indexes that are actually needed to run the Solarwinds database correctly.  I ran the 2019.4 update on 8/18/2020 and immediately that night odd things started happening and by the end of September the C drive on the SQL server was almost filled with SQL dump files (78GB) and almost crashed the server.  

How do we fix this?  One of our DBAs goes in and puts the indexes BACK and then has to run another program to clear up the SQL dump files.  

How does it break again?  We do a Solarwinds update and it BREAKS the database and Solarwinds sticks their heads in the sand to the issue. 

I currently have two tickets open about this - I opened one yesterday that no one has looked at yet and I opened a secondary one because AppInsights for IIS is not working either.  

Thanks - Dave

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