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Level 10

Am I the only one who feels that we deserve at the very least 1 year free maintenance?

I honestly fell cheated of the money we paid for this year maintenance and here 3 reason why:

- support has hit an all time low in quality and response time

- they created the premier support but even they suck 

- this stupid backdoor that they had since march and the way they handled the situation.

Please feel free to add to the list 🙂

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Tell me about it. Almost sounds like rejected porn music....

Level 10

I always end up calling tech support at 3AM after spending the last 20 hours trying to figure out what's wrong first, As a last resort before declaring defeat. only to find out I was typing something wrong for the last 2 hours and I really didn't have a problem at all. 

Level 10

Quick Description:Customer Service Wait Time
Which Product?:NPM, SAM, NCM, WPM, NTA, UDT, SRM
Idea:If your put on hold longer then 30-40 minutes for Tech Support you get 2000 Thwack Points.
Value:Helps put some urgency for the Tech Support to get to everyone who has been waiting, and everyone who has been stuck on hold get something in return.

Problem is yes this could happen to anyone but SolarWinds left the Password for the Update Server at Solarwinds123. This allowed hackers to get in and drop the malware.This is complete negligence on their part. I'm a contractor that use SolarWinds and I tell you we will probably be looking at new products or i might also be out of a job soon.
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I would add to this:

- Waiting on phone hold for 2 hours then getting disconnected - 10,000 Thwack points and a T-shirt

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Are you a premiere support customer? Have you already given feedback to SWI about your support experience? (I'm not, so I am curious.)

Learn about the breach: SANS Emergency Webcast: What you need to know about the SolarWinds Supply-Chain Attack - YouTube

Level 11

A year of free maintenance helps my company, not me. I think Thwack points would be better. 


We can help if you get stuck with anything. Message me and I'll do my best to help you. Support do struggle when global pandemics hit. We are struggling too. Hopefully this hack will be resolved quickly and then we can all get back to concentrating on providing some kick ass monitoring rather than worrying about cozy bears. 🙂

You the real MVP. 🔥

Level 13


- support has hit an all time low in quality and response time

Level 10

  Premier support the the old regular support. They just charge for it now.


totally agree, situation is awful 

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