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Alteon 10000 - 10k monitoring fail.

I'm having "fun" trying to get my NPN to monitor my Alteon 10k's. It can see the device is there and that it's an "Alteon Appllication Switch 10000", and it can see its interfaces. It's even seeing some of the data throughput. BUT that's about all. It's not seeing anything else, CPU, Memory, Fans, Power, interfaces up/down (most of them are down-down but SW says they're all up)/names/speeds, etc, etc.

I'm having to resort to running the MIB Walker and Browser and creating my own custom UDP O.I.D. additions.

For now I've attached the MIBs as supplied by my vendor support, but I understand these need to be included by the Solar Winds admin and "crunched" for user consumption. SW Admin if you haven't already can you assimilate these please?

Anyone else having the same fun feel free to join in.

I've got a load of Alteon 5412's to do next.....



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Typically if you List Resources you will see what information device can provide back to Orion. If you do not see CPU, Memory and other metrics you may need to configure device to allow access to these. In most cases running SNMP walk will show you exactly what you can "find" on device but either vendor or documentation will assist in extending (if possible) this set. Adding MIB to the Orion will not change poling behavior.

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Listing Resources shows exactly what is being monitored. Running an SNMP Walk shows that there is a LOT more available to be monitored. Vendor support tells me that my SNMP config is correct to allow full monitoring and this is confirmed by the SNMP Walk using the same credentials. The vendor has supplied the MIB but not the full O.I.D. listing. Obviously this is dynamic where virtual configs are applied.

At the moment I'm last-resorting using the SNMP Walk and MIBs to find interesting O.I.D.s and manually adding them to the Universal Poller, a tedious and time-consuming process. I expect better of the SW app. I don't expect them to have every MIB in existence but I don't think that getting the app to understand devices where it's been given the specific MIB is unreasonable.

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What I would do now is to open case with Support, they will be happy to help.

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