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From the (locked) article @rfackrell posted a SQL query that was wasn't working on other installations. After digging through, I found the table names might vary. For my installation, I need to change

line 59 to "FROM dbo.Nodes n WITH(NOLOCK)" and

line 64 to "FROM dbo.AuditingEvents WITH(NOLOCK)" and

line 67 to "LEFT JOIN dbo.AuditingEvents r1 WITH(NOLOCK) ON (r1.TimeLoggedUtc = MaxDates.max_datetime AND r1.NetObjectID = MaxDates.NetObjectID AND r1.ActionTypeID = '27')" No quotes.

And now it works for me...


All props to rfackrell

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Level 10

Awesome Thank you!
I posted a link to this in the original so people can find your work.

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Level 16

I use this SWSQL Query to show mine

SELECT TOP 1000 NodeID, IPAddress, Caption, UnManaged, UnManageFrom, UnManageUntil
FROM Orion.Nodes
Where UnManaged = TRUE
ORDER BY UnManageUntil

Nice! Made it a widget