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Level 11

All Triggered Alerts

We display the All Triggered Alerts table on our web page filtered to show all unacknowledged alerts however I would like to run a report to show this same table but also to show a custom node property and also to filter the report so it only shows those alerts with an entry in the 'Current Value' field, does anyone know how to do this unfortunately I don't know SQL.

All Triggered Alerts.JPG

I am currently on NPM 10.3.1

I would appreciate any help, thanks,



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Level 9

One way to do is - go to report writer and create a report similar to this. Add the custom property you want as an additional field. Do a filter based on the current value you wanted. Once you have done that, come back to the view where this resource is located. Edit the view and add a new resource - in that put the resource target as the report you have created.

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Like I said in my original post I don't know SQL so I wouldn't know how to write a report similar to the All Triggered Alerts table as this isn't a report available to me in the report writer.

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