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All Nodes Showing as Down

This is my first post so I hope I'm posting in the right place. We are working on rolling out SolarWinds in our environment. We have a few test devices currently being monitored, a few Windows machines and 1 switch. We had an issue with our SolarWinds server that may be been the result of a patch or OS update (we are still looking into what caused the problem). The server is up and seems to be working properly except that all nodes, minus the 1 switch, are showing as being down. I've confirmed that the few systems we have in the console are not down but I can't get SolarWinds to recognize this. I've rebooted some of the "down" systems, did a rediscover, and even did a repair of the client on one server but nothing helped. We added another test machine and that appears correctly in the console so SolarWinds can see new nodes, just not the existing ones. I hope the solution is not to delete the nodes and re-add them. It's not a big deal now if that is the fix since this is not a production system yet but going forward I wouldn't what to have to delete thousands of nodes if this happens again.

Any suggestions or recommendations on how I could get SolarWinds to recognize the nodes properly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Please check whether agents are running or not. Also check how node status is monitored, is it ICMP or agent status. You can check it by doing list resource.

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That agents look to be running and the monitoring status shows Agent as the method. So far the only way to get the nodes to appear correctly has been uninstall and reinstall the agent.

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Are all the servers being monitored via wmi, snmp, or the agent?

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All servers are being monitored by the agent.

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Agent-initiated or server-initiated? Try verifying the tcp port is open between affected nodes. Otherwise it may be a bug or issue with the agent and would need support investigation.

I’ll find the links to where the logs are on both sides, that can be helpful if you feel comfortable digging into them.
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Thanks for the links, I'll look into them. As for the communication method, it's agent initiated. 

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Level 12

Can you ping or snmp walk to the devices that are showing down from the orion server?

also make sure all the SW services are running by pulling up "service control manager" on the orion server.

Let me know.

I'm able to ping all the "down" nodes from the Orion server. All the nodes are Windows systems with the agent installed.

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