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All Alerts widget no longer honoring Account Limitations after upgrade to NPM v11.5.2

I recently upgraded to NPM v11.5.2 and I have found that my clients that have account limitations making it so they can only see nodes associated with their account can see all alerts for every system.  It would seem that the new All Alerts widget no longer honors account limitations; is this the case and is there any good solution for this?

This has caused some really huge issues for us to I would be really grateful for any suggestions; thanks!

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Level 9

Same issue for my customer, you need aslo to add the possibility to filter directly in the widget and select more than 5 alerts by default

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I don't see these options in the widget; what specifically are you looking at where you have filter options on the Active Alerts widget?

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We haven't been able to repro this internally. Is there perhaps a ticket number I can track?

rob.hock‌ have you had a chance to look at my case?  I can't believe I have been having this problem for so long now and still have an active case on it.  My issue was escalated up to Dev back on June 10th and I have had no updates since, I am starting to wonder if Dev even exists at this point?

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The same in here, for over a year the limitations added to views were propagated to resource “Active Alerts”.

However right after the NPM 11.0.1 -> 11.5.2 upgrade the same views started presenting unrelated alerts in the resource “Active Alerts” not observing the view limitations.

To reproduce the behavior just create a view, add view limitation mapped to let’s say group of nodes, add resource  “Active Alerts” X to this view and alerts not related to limited nodes will start popping into the resource X for no apparent reason.

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Sure thing, it's case #807448.

I use an account limitation called CustomerID which is tied to a Node Custom Property called CustomerID.  I use this to limit the customer to see only nodes where the CustomerID matches their ID.  Unfortunately the new Alerts widget doesn't seem to honor that limitation and only show nodes associated with the CustomerID like it had done prior to the upgrade.

Thanks for looking into this for me.

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Do your clients have custom views? If so, is the same limitation applied to both the account and the view(s)? Whilst the account limitation should be enough, it never hurts to double up where the view is specific to an account.

- Jez Marsh
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No, they all use the same view with an account limitation making it so they only see their stuff.  This has been working fine for years until now.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying. I have't updated from NPM 11.0.1 as yet, as it seems the web alert manager still has some issues. If you get an answer via the ticket, would you mind posting the resolution here? I'll add it to my "big list 'o fixes" for 11.5.x

- Jez Marsh
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I will definitely keep you posted.


i think i can smell 11.5.3...

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