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Alerts using International SMS


     I purchased Notepager Pro under the assumption that I could send international SMS alerts, that doesn't appear to be the case. I received an email back stating the following: 

We can send to the carrier you mentioned it just is not as easy as many other carriers. NotePager Pro supports the protocols necessary to send it but you'll first need to acquire cellular hardware, which gets to send SMS like a cell phone and you'll want to make sure the carrier plan registered on the device is provisioned for international SMS.


Not really sure what this means and I don't want to purchase cellular equipment to do this unless I absolutely have to. So far I have NOT been able to use Notepager to send to Australia or the UAE. Has anyone had success with sending SMS to several other countries? If so, what product do you use?

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I haven't seen a system with a physical GSM device connected to it for many years. Most SMS notification implementations I see now use Email to SMS where the alert actions send an email to an address like 

I have an upcoming client who are going to use PagerDuty for this. It looks like their plans support international SMS but I haven't used the product yet so am not across configuration or restrictions. 

They do have an integration guide. 


I've seen some instances where the alert would email or similar so Telstra (or whatever carrier you're with) in Australia may offer a similar service. You'd have to reach out to them for more information.


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Yeah, i tried many combinations of this and it didn't work. Thanks, let me know if that other product works when you get a chance. 

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You'll need to talk to the provider and have it enabled - typically it is a separate paid service.

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In the past I have used a device (essentially a serial attached cellphone) to send SMS messages via a similar tool.

It is called a GSM Modem.  LIke an old school modem it uses AT commands to send the SMS messages.

Being a cellular device it must have a data plan.  It has been 9 years since I used one and I can't find a picture of what we had.

Wavecom makes one that looks similar.




I mean, i just don't feel like all that should be needed in this day and age right? Surely someone has a resolution to this that doesn't involve all that. 

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