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Alerts from unauthorized devices on Network

Good Morning

I was wondering if anyone can advise on a couple of questions I have on monitoring. Currently we have a MOX server box that is managed my an offsite engineer. My boss wants to know if there is a way for Solarwinds to do the same thing. Below are the 3 main tasks this box does

1) Ping monitoring, I was told that Solarwinds may be able to do all of this with the proper amount of Licenses

2)MRTG - monitors traffic, UPS, Data, I think Solarwinds may be able to do this with the proper amount of Licenses, not sure.

3) Monitors all Cisco devices and configs and looks for errors such as err-disabled ports and unauthorized devices connected to network. Right now we get alerts if a port goes err-disabled or an unauthorized device is connected to our network. This is a REAL important one with us. Is there a way for Solarwinds to do this? The engineer that manages the MOX box suggested we look for DHCPmon on the Solarwinds box. Maybe it needs to be activated or something not sure.

Thanks so much and appreciate any advice.


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You can do all of this with UDT, NCM, NTA and NPM.

You can enter the online quote form and get pricing based on node count etc.

What is a MOX server?

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we also have Netflow too so we may be good to go on some of this. The main thing is being able to get alerts from Unauthorized machines connected to the network and when a port goes err-disabled on a Cisco switch.

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UDT is for detecting Unauthorized nodes.

Port monitoring is easy with NPM.

I'm not a UDT expert but there is a lot of documentation on it here on Thwack - User Device Tracker

Network Device Tracking Software | SolarWinds

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Hmm ok I just checked and we do have Device Tracker as well as NPM. Im still getting used to a lot of this Just need to know how to set both these features up. I will do more research on it. I think those are the main two my boss is concerned about.

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Ok thanks, we have NCM and NPM already. MOX is the name of the server the engineer works with. I will look into this and see if we can set it up some kind of way with what we have.

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