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Alerts automatically enabled. Dislike.

I upgraded to 10.6 NPM today and it *really* bugs me that some new alerts were enabled ("alert me when a neighbor goes down" and a multicast one) automatically.   Grrrr.


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Level 20

I'm getting a bunch too as well.  If you really have a problem and don't want to waste db space on the events if they are taking over can update the EventTypes table in the database and uncheck the record field.  You can do this with the Database Manager.  I have to do this with Volume Remapped, Volume Disappeared, and Volume Reappeared events because my NetApps change the volume indexes all day long and create literally tens of thousands of events and make it so you I'd miss important events due to the event stream being flooded.

The only drawback to this is when you upgrade it will reset this an you have to fix it again.  It only takes a couple minutes so no biggie.

I'm getting "Multicast Traffic Down" events like crazy.

One strange thing I've found is it hard for me to get the Database Manager to let me uncheck Record for "Volume Reappeared."  I can edit all the rest I have problems with but for the past 4 or 5 upgrades I've had a bear of a time getting that "Volume Reappeared" to uncheck record with the Enable Table editing checked.  Why this is when the others take fine makes no sense to me and it's been that way for a long time.  When I execute the query it just rechecks the Record box again... over and over.  Why after sometimes what seems like a 50 tries it eventually takes is voodoo to me.