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Alerting on bgp state

Sorry for being such a newbie when it comes to this, I've had about a week of looking at SolarWinds and it's all a blur.

I have this box (Tabular Universal Device Poller) which gives me all my bgp neighbor IPs and their current state.  See image:

I would like to setup alerting so it will email  me whenever any of those goes 'Idle'

Is this something SolarWinds can do?

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Any updates on this one?


I'm sure there are a lot of us out there who would appreciate BGP monitoring and/or better UnDP support.

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> Is this something SolarWinds can do?

 This should not be a problem.

You will have to create an advanced alert to trigger an alert based on a Universal Device Poller.

  • Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Alert Manager
  • Click on Configure Alerts
  • Click on new to configure a new alert.
  • Type a name for your new alert.
  • Select the Trigger Condition tab.
  • For the type of property to monitor select Custom Node Poller or Custom Interface Poller. this will filter the condition options you will be allowed to use.
  • Add two simple conditions by clicking on the three dots.

First condition will be

  • Poller Name is equal to "Poller Name to select with the drop down button"

    Poller name can be selected under Custom Node Pollers > Poller Name

Second condition will be

  • Poller Status is equal/greater/less/etc. than "Value"

    Poller Status can be selected under Custom Node Pollers > Status.

Once Selected this you can setup any alert actions you need by configuring the Trigger Actions tab.

Let us know if it works.


Ok I got this to work by doing the following:

I used the bgpPeerState UDP from the content exchange and set the format of it to Enumeration.

Assigned my routers that I wanted to monitor to it.

And displayed it as a tabular view on the node details page.


Then I setup an advanced alert as Yann suggested early on this thread. For a trigger action I setup the alert to email a webpage.

Going to one of the nodes that this is displayed on I clicked on the table to open it in it's own window.

Copied that URL, pasted that URL into my Advanced Alert URL tab and change the following:

In the url there is a parameter that says "NetObject=N:" it was follwed by the NodeID number of that particular node.

I deleted the tail end of the URL starting at that NodeID number and add the following:


(Obviously using a valid Solarwinds username and password)


Testing the alert it now emails the tabular view to me from the node details page when a BGP session goes "idle".

The tabular view shows me all the BGP peers on that node and the status of each, so now I can tell which peer dropped.

This was using NPM 9.5 SP4.

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Can you send me the exact URL that you're using (of course omitting out any password info), as I tried to get this to trigger and it doesn't seem to be working.

I duplicated my bgpPeerState poller, assigned it to one node and set the tripper to equal number status 6. I get a standard email and also see the alert in the event log but the Email a Web page trigger action doesn’t seem to be working.



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Where does this functionality stand now?  irelandt's solution, while inventive, shouldn't be an example of the lenghths we need to go to to make this work.  We can create a UnDP for it, why is it so difficult to make use of that data for alerting purposes?  Why, when selecting a poller name from the custom node pollers menu, am I not presented with the elements of that poller as options to select from?  Seems that would solve this rather quickly.

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Hey extrands--

I'll make sure the product manager sees your comments.


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This is still an open enhancement request

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As this has been an open request from many folks (it appears) for at least 2 years ... any idea when this will be a feature?  We *really* need a way to monitor certain BGP sessions.

Is there a way to do this in syslog matching that we are not aware of?  We could manually build a match on the neighbor IP if we knew syslog would work?  We can do remote syslog from our Juniper routers no problem...


Thank you.

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Hi Nexicom--

I've marked this for the PM to review.


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So let's dig into this more.

Per the earlier post, yes you can do pattern matching with Syslog in v10 and then trigger off of that.

What limitations are you hitting in the UnDP?

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In the context of BGP monitoring:


Not being able to change link/node status with UnDP is the primary issue.

As a workaround/adjunct solution, I'd like to send an email indicating which Peer is down on a given router. However, as others have noted, this doesn't quite work. The output of the alert contains all BGP peers, not just those which match the given alert criteria.


Below is a detailed example with outputs -- The story you're about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Name: bgpPeerState


Trigger Conditions (Custom Node Poller):

Poller Name = "bgpPeerState"  AND  Numeric Status < 6

Alert Text:

BGP Peer DOWN ${CustomPollerStatus.RowID} -- on Router: ${NodeName} at ${Node.IP_Address}


Actual Output when 2 out of 4 BGP Peers are down:

BGP Peer DOWN,,, -- on Router: C6509-CSR1 at


Problem: Only and are down, the other peers are Established (Status = 6).



  1. Top priority would be to change the status of nodes/links. Especially to help visualize complex environments and topologies.
  2. Next priority is to send an email indicating exactly which BGP Peer(s) have problems.
  3. Finally, I'd like to do this via active polling rather than passively receiving traps or syslogs.


If someone has an alternate solution, I'm definitely open to that as well.





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Bump to the top. Time to take this off the" promise" list.

Add one more to the list of folks requesting this.

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I'm also still waiting for this functionality.

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Adding your voices to this already opened enhancement request (39791).

We are hearing your input about this and the UnDP in general. This is very much on our radar.

Thanks for your input.

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3 years after the feature/bug was requested, it's now on the "radar".

Sounds like a quality product to me!

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Any targeted timeframe for this to be added?

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 Here here!  How is it that something so intrinsic to what this product purports to provide (network information and alerting) is STILL not there 3 years later?

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It always have been possible to be configured and monitored with a simple UnDP customization. Check this page and you can find the correct OID's and the proper way to do this.

BGP state is not monitored as frequent as we do ethernet interfaces, many engineer's don't check at it. Then it make sense for me if we have this need, go there in Orion and to customize it, the results are great!

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  Actually, if you read the thread, it appears that only a partial solution was found -- the problem is that for routers with multiple BGP peers, the alert goes out if any of them are down, and you can't tell which are down and which aren't. So this is by no means addressed completely with the UDP as far as I've seen; if someone has a solution please share!

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