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Alerting for thin AP down

Has anyone had an issue with getting the built-in "Thin AP down" alert to work?  We are migrating to Cisco for wireless, using 5500 controller and 2800 AP's.   I have the "Thin AP down" alert enabled and set to log to Orion for now.   I shut down the switch port to shut down an AP, and the alert isn't showing.   The only messages I am seeing is there is an event that the AP has disappeared from the controller.

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Yes I've always used the thin AP alert successfully. I did change the trigger status to be 'not equal to Up'.

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Level 8

Yes , I am monitoring Multiple Aruba Virtual controllers with 10-20 Thin APs off each. So far with my testing I am getting consistent alerts my alert condition is set like this..i bumped out the trigger condition to 20 minutes to keep the Database running good as it needs to wait for polling data.




Also make sure you uncheck this setting , so the AP does not disappear from DB that way your trigger can catch it.


Hope this helps


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