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Level 9

Alert variable for APM Windows service

I've setup a new APM template which monitors 4 separate windows services on a single node. For the alert, I'd like to use a variable that captures the service name. Does such a variable exist? I'm running NPM v9.0.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 13

Not exactly.  If you create an alert with the type of property to monitor set to "APM: Component":

  • You can use ${ProcessName} to determine the process that the service is running under.
  • You can use ${ComponentName} to determine the name of the component.  This defaults to something generic like "Windows Service Monitor", but you could change it to be something my specific like "SQL Server".  The Component name is only used for display purposes so you can label the component however you would like.

You can rename component name to service name in the Template itself

and use the ${ComponentName} to determine the name of the component in alert.



Naming the service in the template itself was what I was looking for.  Excellent.  Thanks!

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