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Alert update when threshold continues to be in breached state.

Suppose i have a critical alert with trigger condition setup at cpu load > 80% . When the alert is breached i enriched the message to include cpuload percentage, the load was 92% at that time. When the next polling takes place the cpu load has reached to 95% does the alert message gets updated with load showing as 95%.

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Hi Faizan,

Sadly any notes you apply to the alert are inserted as the alert triggers, any changes in value past that point are not reflected in the alert detail, however, you could set up an escalation trigger action, which fires off after a certain amount of time, in which you can insert the current CPU Variable, it will then show you the CPU Load at the time that triggers, so you can see the difference between the initial alert trigger time, and the say 5/10 minutes later.

Sadly there isn't a way to trigger that escalation based on the CPU Load itself unless you create a second alert which triggers once the device breaches say 90%, but that means two alerts.

Hope that helps.

- David Smith