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Alert to trigger if custom poller is not assigned to a node

Hi All,

I'm looking for some inspiration on this one give that i can find no way to have custom pollers automatically assigned to a given node i was trying to figure out if I can build some logic using alerting that would detect a specific node type and then the absence of a given custom poller. Not ideal as i probably wouldn't want to check for all possible custom poller for a give node but just spotting one missing would be a good indication that something might have been missed.

Any help gratefully received.


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So there are a couple layers to this, it is pretty easy to trigger on nodes that have no custom pollers assigned to them.  So if you wanted to set something up like notify my whenever an APC UPS has no custom pollers on it then I would do it this way.

Go to a new alert and set it up like so:


You can get as fancy as you want with the criteria, for example wanting to make sure all your ASA Firewalls had some kind of custom pollers on them would be something like vendor like 'cisco' and machinetype like '%ASA%', or you could set up some kind of custom property if that would help

So like you said, not having any pollers is a good indicator that something is wrong.  Unfortunately the way those tables come together if there is any poller assigned to it then this won't trigger and it gets a lot more complicated to try and do an audit of the pollers that are assigned to the devices to make sure they are all the correct ones.  In that case I would probably be trying to make a report that just lists off all the pollers assigned to each node, grouped by machinetype and then by node and just look that over once in a while.

Hope that helps

-Marc Netterfield

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- Marc Netterfield, Github
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This should be possible but you will need to write a custom SQL query alert.

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HI JonnyG​,

did you manage to find a way to do this?

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