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Alert not triggering. Can't work out why.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to set up an alert on Solarwinds. Very basic - alert me when an interface on a specific node goes down. Reset the alert when its back up.

Firstly I cant believe there isnt a template for this already. So I set the alert up using the rather disorganised GUI - which wasnt exactly a walk in the park, since it's not intuitive at all!

Here's the alert trigger condition:


And reset condition:


and the trigger action:


Reset action is pretty much the same.

This alert is enabled, but doesnt seem to trigger. Is something set up wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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We're only wanting it to alert on a single interface on a specific node, so this alert is not really suitable.

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For troubleshooting purposes, could try 'contains' vs 'is' for interface.

Hi supermop2000 so you need to make your alert an Interface Alert, it should look something similar to this:


You could also add an extra trigger condition for the Operational or Administrative State, but as you are being specific about the interface I don't think you should need that.


- David Smith

Thanks - I did notice that just after I posted. I changed the 'alert on' to "Interface" and reset the trigger conditions exactly as my original post.

If the node IP is X and the interface name is Y and the interface status is DOWN then trigger.

It's still not triggering

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A good way to validate an alert is to remove some of it's uniqueness.

If you change the Scope to 'All Objects' and goto the Summary tab, in the bottom right corner you should see a small screen that tells you how many devices will trigger this alert if you submit. If you click on the LIST and see if your interface is in that list?

I used Interface - Full Name to get the specific interface rather than relying on two filters for Node and Interface, maybe try the same thing. It will show as NODE - Interface which means you can select the right interface.

- David Smith
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Alerts are not muted on node are they?

They are not, no.

I have now tried the trigger condition like this but no effect still:


We've got a load of other alerts that seem to be working fine. I also found an "interface down" template now, but it looks identical to what I've set up, minus the node selection.


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