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Level 8

Alert for UnDP

I must be missing something simple here and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


I have a custom poller pulling valume statistics from a NetApp filer. One of the values is PercentUsed. I have setup a trigger if this value exceeds 90 which works fine. However, I cannot for the life of me find the trigger action email variable to put the PercentUsed value in the message.  ${CustomPollerStatus.Status} displays the name of the volume instead of the value actually being triggered. How can I specify WHICH custom poller to show the status of? Seems pretty silly I can't display the actual statistic value that is triggering the alert in the first place.

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Level 13

Try ${CustomPollerStatus.RawStatus} That is what I'm using on several of my UnDP alerts.

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No dice on this particular UnDP. That returns no data =(

It looks like I have to make a custom SQL view and use a query based alert variable. NPM/APM are really lacking some basic out of the box functionality. The fact you have to have 3 different modules (APM, NPM, and UnDP) and configure/display data/alert differently for each is really disjointed and amateurish for an "enterprise" solution.