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Alert Tuning

Hi, I'm new to Orion so am looking for a little advice/direction in regard to Alert tuning. I have a 1000+ switches in the network that I'd like to monitor all of the interfaces so to leverage UDT and capacity management etc. However I do not want to Alerts/Events generated from any of the copper interfaces. Furthermore when status changes on these copper interfaces from happy green to amber/red I do not want this reflected on the status of the switch, that should remain green (unless other monitored elements trigger status change). I appreciate this may be documented somewhere but I have been unable to find it so if you can nudge me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. 

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Level 12

The status of the switch will only change if the polling IP address changes. 

But if you dont want alerts or events on your copper interfaces then you should not monitor them or reconsider what your asking.  events are essentially a way to have a customized log within solarwinds.  So you shouldnt consider events related to your copper events as a bad thing.  If you dont want people to get alerts on your copper interfaces, then use logic in your alert to not trigger on them (its hard to not give more specifics without seeing what type of switches you are monitoring).

you really have a number of ways to filter out interfaces you do not want to alert on.  Interface description, interface type, other descriptions you can assign to the node (what site it belongs to, etc).

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I recently started monitoring all interfaces at the access layer.   What I am looking at doing is creating a custom property (Interface_Type) and then when I build the alert, I am going to include a condition where the Interface_Type does not equal ACCESS.   That way I do not get an email when an access layer port goes down, but I will get one if the trunk on that access layer switch goes down.

Something else you can do is set the interface to "unplugged". I am still looking into this because I discovered that I do not get a down alert for an unplugged interface, but when it goes up, I do get an alert.

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