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Alert Import NPM 11.5


  I've upgraded NPM to 11.5. When I go to the Alerts Manager it is the new web interface, but the previously configured alerts do not show up.

How can I export/import the previously configured alerts into the new web interface now that I've upgraded?

UPDATE 3/3/2015:

Got the following procedure from Solarwinds Support( it worked):

To address your concern, please follow these steps to re-sync Database, repair Orion services and recreate Orion Website:a. Stop all Orion Services:    i. Click Start > All programs > SolarWinds Orion    ii. Go to Advanced features > Orion Service Manager    iii. Click 'Shutdown Everything' to 'Stop' Orion Services

b. Go to Start > My Computer > C:\Inetpubc. Rename the 'Solarwinds folder' to 'Solarwinds_OLD'. In case you can't rename it, open CMD and type 'iisreset /stop' without the quotes to stop WWW Publishing Service. After renaming the folder, go back to CMD and type 'iisreset /start' without the quotes.

d. Open IIS - How to Start IIS    i. Click Start > All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run.    ii. In the Open box, type inetmgr and then click OK

e. Delete the 'Solarwinds Orion Website'f. If error occurs, stop the 'Orion Application Pool' and try again:    i. On the Application Pools page, select 'SolarWinds Orion Application Pool'.    ii. In the Actions pane, click Stop to stop the application pool.

g. Go to Start >  All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Configuration and Auto-Discovery > Configuration Wizard.h. Tick the following then click Next button:    - Database    - Website    - Services

   Note: If you have multiple Polling Engines, please proceed by stopping

i. On the Website Settings part, make sure IP Address is set to ‘ALL UNASSIGNED’ then click Next button.

j. Proceed with defaults by clicking Next button.

K. Observe the behavior of the console within 20 to 30 minutes.

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I have the same issue and much more after upgrade to NPM 11.5. A lot of stuff seem to break and have opened a ticket with support.

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Hey Hock‌,

Could you please post here the ticket number? Thanks!

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case #766427

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like what rob.hock automatically migrates all your advance alert to the web alert section. Sometimes, it takes a bit long depending on how many alerts you have. How long since the upgrade from NPM 11.5 and you notice that the alerts are still not listed?

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It's designed as following: In Advanced Alerts Manager don't show the alerts, which were succesfully migrated to the web based format. The old ones aren't deleted (are still in the database, just aren't showing and are disabled). If some alerts weren't migrated for some reason, they should be still accessible and operational the old way (Old Advanced Alert Manager and old Alerting engine)

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I dont know if i am missing something, but old advanced alert manager appears to be uninstalled, it just now links to the NPM website......

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It's still there. Just the shortcut has been removed from the Start menu (or metro). It's purpose was to point at the Web based solution. You can still find it in the installation folder (by default c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\) as AlertManager.exe and if needed create your own shortcut.

Brill thanks.

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24 hours

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what Solarwinds Application you have and how many alerts you have enabled before the upgrade. I say give it another day and if not. I suggest to open a ticket for Solarwinds Support.

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Alerts should be automatically imported on upgrade. A support ticket may be the best path forward:


do you know where i can find the alert migration log? we just upgraded to 11.5.2, alerts migrated, but someone clicked the banner message, now I can't  find the transcript to review alert migration.


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i just found a table in the database that contains alertmigration info. disregard my query.


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