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Alcatel 5620 SAM and Orion NPM

I am interested in using NPM or Orion SAM to monitor an Alcatel 5620SAM module.  I want to monitor on all the events and alarms the Alcatel device sees and am unsure how to proceed.  Does anyone have experience with monitoring Alcatel/Lucent devices and setting up meangful monitors?

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any luck?

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Hi Josh,

How did you go with this one?

I believe the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor has a JMS event stream and SOAP XML API. This should work for interfacing with the 5620 SAM.

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Did you find something on this? I have a client who wants the same type of integration for SAM (Service Aware Manager) for their 5620s.



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Hi Josh

From my experience Alcatel is not happy with that kind of interworking.

The only interworking is with northbound interface to  (OSS/BSS)  that support  SOAP or SNMP TRAPS NOT parallel interworking from your NEs (SR /ESS/DSLM/PON) to solarwinds NPM.

They had some work with  infovista tivoli and HP  + OSS  like AMDOCS .

but those tools are for "Big Telcos"

good luck

I sure like to know if you could got someone form alcatel to move a finger 🙂

The Alcatel WAY interworking


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