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Advice on recruiting Solarwinds NCM and NCP

Hi guys,

I not sure if this is a stoke of genius or an annoyance to some but I'm new to the world of Solarwinds and I'm struggling to find good platforms in which to find some great (UK Based) Network Engineers with Solarewinds experience, mainly in NCM and NCP. Is anyone able to help point me in the right direction please?

Many thanks,

Simon Chandler

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Although it's been quite a while since I worked with Novell, I'm willing to help you out if I can.

Rick Schroeder

Hi Rick, what's the best way to contact you?

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Hey Gang - Simon is a colleague of mine. Were working with a client who is looking for a Network Tooling & Automation Engineer to join the ranks. The role is for a large client in the financial district helping to support a new SolarWinds deployment to work alongside there existing toolset. If anyone UK Based is looking for a new opportunity then please reach out to me or Simon either here on Thwack or via LinkedIn.

- David Smith
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There are many qualified people on this board. Many hold their SolarWinds certifications.

Thanks for the reply Bob. If you know anyone looking for an opportunity to drive Solarwinds within a financial institution, whilst maintaining the existing and adding/configuring new devices in the centre of London please put them in contact with me

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What help are you looking for? I am based in Germany but can help remotely. Is this for Private or Government sector?

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