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Advanced Alerts - variable in body of e-mail alert

I am trying to configure an alert to send me a temperature warning when a probe goes over X degrees. That works fine, but my problem is that in the body of the e-mail I want it to send out it's current temperature (that caused the alert to trigger).

The device is a member of a custom poller group from which I am pulling Humidity and Temp. I have also had to create a transform to divide the temp by 10 to get the correct format (eg 22.5 degrees instead of 225).

Now when I run the alert I keep getting back the humidity value in the body of the e-mail instead of the temp value. It must be pulling this 1st because of the names of the pollers (alphabetically). If I remove he Humidity from a node and test, then I get the temperature. However that temperature is not the transformed one, but it the 225degrees.


1 - How do specify which poller I want to pull data from in the body of my e-mail alert?

2 - If I can specify, can I specify to use a transform to get the right data format?

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Actually looks like it's a bug with SolarWinds, I was using the test fuction and it was pulling the humidity. When I ran it for real and just dropped the threshold for the alert to trigger it sent the correct alerts.

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I think it only triggers on the first match.

I have the same problem with alerting when any VPN policy in a UNDP table becomes active - it only alerts on the first match. Switching to a get-next UNDP means that should be alerted when a VPN policy becomes active, but it doesn't indicate which policy is active, and custom SQL within alerts is a pain to code write correctly. Even then, I still don't think that it's alerting when it should be. I was experimenting with this last week, though, so may have forgotten specifics. Solarwinds support has commented that custom SQL is strictly out of their support scope, which limited my options a little.

I'm interested if anyone has a resolution to your problem as it would probably end up helping me.

Also, I've found that the test function is very difficult to actually use to test alerts - it often doesn't allow you to test the correct scenarios or variables. You can get an idea of this by just dumping every variable into the alert text and looking for how out of place some of them seem in relation to what the alert is actually alerting on - the MIB name, etc.

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The test function for alerts is fairly rudimentary. It work well for simple alerts, not so much for more complex alerts. I always test by limiting the scope trigger and action and setting the threshold to where I know it will trigger for a real alert. Then I reset the trigger and actions to include all the elements and notifications required.

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