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Advanced Alerts Variables

I have custom properties set up on each node for City, State, and Time Zone.

I have a trigger Monitoring a Group and executing when a the status of a member is down

In the trigger actions, I want an email to be sent and formatted with variables from the Group properties as well as Node properties.

These Group variables are working in the email:

Connectivity to ${GroupMemberName} went down at ${AlertTriggerTime}

How do I include property values from the Nodes?

I tried ${Node.City} and ${City} but all that is displayed in the email is ${Node.City} and ${City}

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The reason why you can't get that information is because the Groups variables knows nothing about the nodes property.  You would have to use a SQL query within your email.  This should work:

Connectivity to ${GroupMemberName} went down at ${AlertTriggerTime} in ${SQL:SELECT Nodes.City FROM Nodes WHERE Nodes.Status = 2 AND Nodes.NodeID = ${NodeID}}

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Shouldn't it be ${Nodes.City} with an "s"? Not positive it would work anyways but it seems that any time you need to display variables outside the alert context you just need to preface it with the table name, which is Nodes.

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Thanks for the info, but I still get the same response with ${Nodes.City}

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