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Level 7

Adding the "chassis" in the node details view

I'm using Orion 7.x SLX and I'm trying to find a way to add the following OID (which is for the Serial Number of Cisco Devices) to the Node Details view.

Has anyone been successful?

I have modified the \inetpub\solarwinds\netperfmon\resources\2-1-nodedetails\01-nodedetails.resource file which actually modifies the HTML generated but the "<%=Node.GetProperty("zzz")%>" function doesn't seem have that information.

Any clues anyone?


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Level 15

You cannot add Custom MIB - OID objects to Orion.
You are stuck with the pre-defined values. This is a feature that many customers have been requesting,
and would make this package even better. Most likely this would increase the price as well, or perhaps
could be sold as an add-on ?

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