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Level 9

Adding an Atlas Map to NOC View?

I am attempting to create my first NOC view in our Solarwinds installation (license details below). I am able to put my world map in there, but I'd like to enter one of my network (Atlas-created) maps. I took a 1-week class with Loop1 Systems, and I thought they said this was possible. Perhaps I'm misremembering. Can anybody assist?

The problem is that the Maps themselves are not listed in the assets to add. I'm thinking that I should be looking for a resource other than "Network" or "maps", but can't find the right one.

Orion Platform 2015.1.0, SAM 6.2.0, QoE 2.0, IPAM 4.2, NCM 7.3.2, NPM 11.5, NTA 4.0.3, IVIM 2.0.0, VNQM 4.2

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Level 8

You should be able to add an Atlas created map to any view, by adding the "Map" resource.  Once you have added the "Map" Resource, click the 'Edit' button on the top, title bar to select which map you want to add.  All maps you have created with the Network Atlas should be listed as available.

Thanks, Brian. With your help, I found my problem. The "Edit" option is not available in the NOC Preview, which is what I was looking at. Once I exited the NOC view, I then had the edit option.

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