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Adding Additional Menu Bars?


So based on the fact you can create additional menu bars, you don't seem to be able to add them to the user views.

I can create a 'Service Desk' Menu bar but when I go to add this to a user group, I have to replace one of the default menu options, there is no ability to add it as an additional menu.

I really don't see the point of allowing custom menu bars to be created but not have them view able as additional ones

Am I missing something??


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Here is an updated method to create new tabs.

Adding Custom Tabs To The Top Level Nav Bar

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You are correct, you cannot create custom Tabs.

The Menu bar options are to replace the existing Menu bars on the modules so that if you want to remove certain pages and views from the accounts, or have specialized dashboards or common pages per User or Group. When accounts have limitations imposed, or views have limitations imposed. This is also used if you have DirectLink account configured where you can access a page without login, but clicking on a link would require a login, you would want to have a custom menu bar, possible of a few dashboards, plus some external links to other sites.

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