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Add any monitor to a view

Why are there certain resource parts only available to certain views? There is a view I'd like to create that contains stuff specific to the network, to nodes, and apm monitors. For but you have to pick a view type and then it filters out what you can add to that view. any way to change this? Especially the ability to add a network chart to a node details view. or to add a custom area chart for a node's APM monitor to that node's main chart. In fact I'd like to create a view where I can view the same resource monitor across a large group of nodes over the same time period and same polling cycle.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

If you are on NPM 10.1 or above why not use the new custom object resource.  This feature was meant to alleviate the need to use custom HTML resources for many use cases.

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Level 15

Off the top of my head, I believe that the best solution for this would be the Custom HTML resource. I've created at least a couple of custom views based primarily on custom HTML resources.

Granted, it's not as simple as point and click but it gets the job done. Let us know if you'd like some assistance with this.

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custom html is a way to get a static view, but it is not a long term solution. there's no way to change what you're looking at quickly. you have to into each piece of custom html and change the details individually. this takes forever. plus it's not nodeid filterable, so it makes it unreliable across nodes.

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Yes it can be done with custom html resources, but it would be easier if all options were available no matter what type of view you're using.

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Mr S--

Marked for PM to review.



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