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Level 9

Add Devices to Ignore List Directly in Database

I recently had to change my discovery scans and now have a situation where the discovery scans have re-discovered all of the devices in my Ignore List.  I need to go into the Discovery Result and add the devices back into the Ignore List, but the webpage keeps timing out.  Is there a way to use the Database Manager to add discovered devices to the IgnoreList without going through the webpage?

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Level 13

I would like to be able to import a list as well.

It is way too cumbersome  to go through the discovery and try to pick them out.

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IMHO the entire discovery ignore process needs a major overhaul.  In watching the discoveries take place I could clearly see that devices in the ignore list are still scanned and then ignored at the end (making a discovery take much longer as a result) instead of being preloaded.

I love the idea of being able to add items to an ignore list but we really need a way to exclude items from scans dynamically.  For instance I want to ignore x.x.x.101 - x.x.x.200 throughout most of my subnets I had to go through the painful process of creating a custom list of ranges where I say scan -,, (rinse and repeat) to keep my dhcp pools from being even looked at.