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Active Diagnostics Errors - Topology

I'm getting four different topology errors.  The one that seems like it should be most easily fixable is

Identify Duplicate IP addresses.  We have multiple sites with guest internet and we use the same IP range at each site for the guest addresses.  They're not routable and just get NAT'd out to the internet.  Is there any way (setting) in NPM to say "Ignore these segments for topology"?

Identify Duplicate MAC addresses.  It looks like there's (among other things) 295 instances of 0000.0000.0000 showing out there.  Where is NPM pulling this data from?  How can I get more info?  Also, some of the others look like random addresses on the aforementioned guest networks, is there any way to just get them ignored?

Incorrect data in CDP/LLDP tables - Where is that data coming from?  Is there any way to see what devices NPM thinks are sourcing this incorrect data to look at for investigation?


Any help on any of these appreciated.

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Did you get anywhere with this? @jaed 

I´m having the same issue 😕



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No, unfortunately the issue exceeded my available time to work on it and I just don't look at the diagnostics any more.  But if you do find anything and post it here I would definitely appreciate it and will try to implement any solutions!



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I have made a case to Solarwinds technical support, maybe they can give us some insight into this, I´ll let you know. @jaed 

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Level 17

Check this support article for full details.

and without knowing your switch/router configurations it is hard to say what exactly to do here, but if you check Cisco you might be able to compare some of their scenario examples with your situation.

If you are unsure about which MIB Is being used test 1 or 2 out of each set and see if your switch gives a return (UnDP) or do a SNMPWalk to see what OIDs match your data and go from there.

Let us know if you need additional details or help with the data you do find.

 - CharlesH

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