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Acknowledged alerts keep re-appearing!!


am i misunderstanding the term Acknowledged alerts? I select a bunch of alerts, click acknowledge, and then straight away, some of the alerts trigger again and start sending emails back to me. Then about a week later, the rest of the alerts that I acknowledged do the same thing and this gives my network manager a heart attack!

I have gone in to the alert and checked the option not to process the trigger action of sending an email when the alert has been acknowledged. This looks to be completely ignored by my setup somehow!

Anyone else come accross this? Am i misunderstanding Solarwinds' concept of acknowledging alerts?



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After 10 days, any & all acknowledged alerts will disappear - if the original criteria for the alert(s) still matches, then the alert will be triggered again as though it were a new alert. There is a workaround of extending the 10 days by several more days, but it's still not a fix or proper workaround.

I have had ticket ref 176067 open as a bug for a long time for this same problem. I always find it very difficult to raise bugs with SolarWinds - the support staff are normally insistent that there's never any bugs, but in this case they eventually realised that this isn't something that a lot of customer would want and did submit it as a bug report.

You're welcome to reference 176067 in any ticket you submit - maybe it will be fixed faster.


i have noticed that NPM 10.3 Release Candidate is now available for download. How can I find out if it addresses the bug that you have posted to SolarWinds? It does say that they have addressed "loads of bug fixes".



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It might be helpful to post your last question here:


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smargh's reply above is correct. Re-triggering an acknowledged alert after AutoClearAlertIntervalInMinutes is by-design behavior. In NPM 10.3, the maximal supported value has increased to 129600 (90 days).

Hi, Halef ... do you happen to know if this maximum value was also available in 10.1, or was it new to 10.3?

Thanks in advance,


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The maximum was 28800 in 10.2.2, and was increased to 129600 in 10.3.

Thanks for the reply,

do you have any idea on how to increase the number of days from 10 then?


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This is from a Support reponse to my existing ticket:

Set AutoClearAlertIntervalInMinutes parameter to bigger value, unfortunately the maximum value is 28800 minutes and it's only 20 days. After that the same situation will happen again.
AutoClearAlertIntervalInMinutes parameter could be add to Alerting Engine following the instructions:
  a) Stop AlertingEngine service
  b) Locate AlertingEngine.exe.config file in Orion install dir
  c) Add row:  <add key="AutoClearAlertIntervalInMinutes" value="28799" /> in <appSettings> element
  d) Start AlertingEngine service