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Level 8

Accessing Orion via the Internet

Looking for suggestions on how to best enable Internet access to our Orion web interface? Would you place your core Orion server in a DMZ, would you buy the web Server engine extension, etc...?



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Level 13

I'd leave the pollers on my private network and put a web console in the DMZ

We have that exact setup here and it works perfectly.  I also find that having the Web Server on a different system significantly increases performance.

So are you using the Web Server Engine from Solarwinds in the DMZ or something else? I was thinking I could avoid buying anything and just use IIS/Apache running on an existing web server in my DMZ.

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Yes, I am using the Web Server Engine from SolarWinds.  You will need that for it to work properly.  I also have a re-direct in place so that all connections are HTTPS.

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