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Access Point Inaccurate Client Count?

A quick search of posts didn't return any relevant hits so I'm posing the question: who to believe?.  Our Cisco 4402 wifi controller lists a greater number of connected clients per AP than what's displayed in NPM.  For example, filtering the connected clients to an AP the controller returns 15 connections with the usual information per connection.  In NPM/Wireless the same AP shows only 10 connections.  Other times the count mismatch is reversed, NPM shows more connections than the controller.

Resolving this may be a moot point as we're about to migrate to a pair of 5508's [in HA config] but I'm wondering, or concerned is a better word, that we'll see similar metric mismatches.  I set up the controller in SW like any other node using SNMP.

So, which one is accurate: the controller, NPM, neither or both?  Perhaps more important, can I get them both to agree?

Orion 2014.1.0, NPM 10.7.


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In 10.6 it was doing something like summing the unique count of clients across access points instead of the count of unique clients across APs.

(1+2+3+4+5+6+7... etc) instead of 1+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+7+7+7+...

To do an equivalent comparison you need to check and see what the connections were at the time of the polling. Easiest way would be click poll now and just monitor the connections on the device until NPM populates with the new info. See if it starts hitting closer to home then.

I thought the polling frequency was often enough to keep it reasonably accurate and the readings were sometimes wildly disparate between the controller and the SW metrics.  Hitting 'poll now', in my initial few tests, brings the results much closer together.  I think you're on to something.  Thnx!....F

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