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Level 9

ASA not showing any data for Remote VPN Connections

I upgraded to NPM 12.2 earlier this week, and have since started monitoring our ASA through Orion.  At some point yesterday, no information is showing for the "Remote Access VPN" connections.  (There was information there a day or two ago.)   That particular page just says "No data to show."

All of the other tabs (Platform, Interfaces, Site-to-Site Tunnels) on the ASA monitoring webpages are showing up just fine.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot the Remote Access VPN tab?


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Do we still have this issue in NPM 12.2 Hotfix 3 ?

As we are facing same issue

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Level 7

Were you able to get this working? I've installed hotfix 1 and still have the issue on one of my ASAs but it's working on another.

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I was able to get the information to populate, after applying "Hotfix 1".  However, every remote VPN connection now shows up in triplicate (I guess 3 times the information is better than none.)

Admittedly I'm behind on my build/hotfix level now.  So there's likely a newer release that may fix my triplicate issue.  I've just been putting out other fires, and haven't had time to pursue it yet.

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Level 16

After installing the HotFix it is working, although it shows MANY duplicates. 

I see the same user multiple times making the numbers unreliable.

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Did you install HF 1 or 2?

Hot Fix 2 is buggy as well unfortunately.

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Level 10

We, too, had problem not showing users.  It was not until we got the 10/20/2017 hotfix installed that it resolved this issue.  

We worked with TAC and some app engineers to help figure that one out a little.  

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We did deploy today the hot fix without any issues but still we are not seeing the remote access users.

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I had the same problem. After installing the Hotfix i get the VPN informations.

Maybe check the settings on the ASA again...

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Did you run the EXE or run the installer?

Was a Configuration Wizard required?

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Level 9

Thanks janene16

Strange enough I cannot find the place to download this fix. It is not visible in my customer portal for some strange reason.

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I don't see where it has been released yet they may have done the documentation but the hotfix has not been released

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Got information from support that it was withdrawn since more testing was needed. So it is not out yet

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Hotfix was released today,

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12.2 Hotfix 1 addresses the following issues:

  • CLI polling does not work because of the TotalConnectionsNumberExceeded exception
  • When Orion Services are restarted, ASA business layer plugin does not start
  • VPN tunnels with host names are duplicated on the Site to Site VPN subview of Node Details for ASA
  • There is an error in the ASA log: RemoteAccessSessionDetail cannot be serialized
  • In the NOC mode, ASA charts do not display correctly on the ASA Node Details - Platform subview
  • NOC mode for the Node Details for ASA view does not work in Chrome
  • On the VPN Site to Site subview, you can see Up tunnels that are not configured on the device
  • Additional Polling Engines, Additional Web Servers, and HA backup cannot be installed
  • ASA remote access VPN tunnels are not displayed on the Node Details for ASA - Remote Access subview
  • NetPath: higher memory consumption as a result of a connection leak when NetPath is integrated with NTA

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Thank you - can someone provide deployment feedback that has deployed this? I recall there were several issues with the initial hotfix release as stated in the NPM 12.2 feedback thread.

Also, is a service restart needed and config wizard?

What is the preferred method of deployment - use this EXE link provided above or should we use the new installer?

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Level 16

This is a known bug and being tracked internally.

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Any schedule on the fix since my customer is really and I mean REALLY waiting for this screen to work.

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looks like its just been released. see below:

NPM 12.2 Hotfix 1 - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

I would suggest opening a support ticket so you'll get updated first hand when the release for the hotfix will be

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