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APC Symmetra UPS not reporting battery status

I have a Symmetra 40K UPS that for some reason wont report the battery status in solarwinds npm.  I have the undp assigned to the node, when I manually run the poller against the node it reports back the expected values, however within npm it shows unknown for battery status, line voltage, load and capacity.  Also even though the widget shows up in the nodes details, when i look at the undp application its always unchecked, even if i check it and save it, as soon as i close it out and come back its unchecked again. It doesnt show in NPM and alerts that should be generated for UPS events do not alert as well.

Orion/NPM 2020.02 Version I have several other UPS devices that are working just fine.




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Level 13

My suggestion is to check out firmware on that node and update it if possble. 

Another idea is to unsign the poller and assign it back to the node.

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