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APC Battery runtime remaining

I am trying to graph the APC Battery runtime using NPM.  It is the last thing to graph.  I have the Universal Device Poller setup and working.  It is showing the pooling values of 02:01:00 ever 10 mins.  I know the oid is a timetick.  However when I put a Univeral Device Poller Chart on the view it graphs it at 350K +.  I would like it to be in mins or hours at the most. 


P.S.  It seems like it would be nice to make a univeral device poller then do do some math on that before it saves the value.  i.e. convert C to F for temps.  So if you know if that is possiable please let me know.


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Level 8

yeah we'd also like to see the graph display time values instead of xxxK values.

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Since "a time tick is a hundredth of a second", you simply have to create a poller transformation that divides this poller by 6000 for minutes or 360000 for hours.
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 I was able to set this up and get a minutes value.  However, the only way that I can display it is with a gauge.  Does anybody have a way to display this value as a simple number?  I don't want or need a confusing graphic for this value.

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 I called Solarwinds, and it turns out that I was reaching this limitation by using the "Universal Device Puller" from the desktop, and not through the admin web interface. Once I was instructed on how to do it on the web interface I was able to get what I needed. thanks for the suggestions.

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Did you manage to get a simple Number Value? I have the poller working, but would like a gauge that simply displays the runtime as text, not a guage or dial.

Many thanks!

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If you edit the web display properties of the UnDP transform for the battery runtime, you can select to display a chart view on a view (node details in this example.)  That should get you the runtime in minutes displayed as text in a chart.

UnDP.png        UnDPStatus.png

Hope this helps!

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