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ACCOUNT LIMITATTION ERROR on trial installation

I've created few groups (mixed nodes and applications) on NPM/SAM trial installation as admin. Then I tried to go into groups element at groups view and got page "ACCOUNT LIMITATTION ERROR". Me as admin and other users got the same error page. Is it problem with trial version (mismatch between NPM trial and SAM trial) or anything else?

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The trial is complete.

About the account limitations, I think that in the user, you have to create a limitations "Group of Groups", and select the group of you creted. With this, you can do this.

Rodrigo Almeida.

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OK, got your point ... and I made limitation of "Group of groups" for user who was intended to has limited view. But why Admin got the error message. Admin should not has any limitations and any limitation was defined for Admin account.

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Try remove in the Node View the component "Volume Capacity Forecast", and try open again.


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