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A new item in the Thwack store, and some refreshed inventory of items that were out of stock

I'm pretty sure there are some gamers here . . . If you have 9,000 points, these could be your new dice:



And I saw the hammock and 1,000 mA battery charger, the BlueTooth Speaker and the cozy lap blanket are back in stock, too.  I have one of each, so I won't deplete inventory for anyone else. The lap blanket is especially soft and warm--perfect for cold mornings in front of the computer while self isolating!





But soon I'll be the proud giver of Solarwinds Dice to one of my lucky offspring.


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Level 9

So stoked for the dice!!!  and I finally got the solar charger!  Luckily in nick of time coz when I refreshed it went out of stock!

How big is the blanket?

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I was checking the status of an existing order and saw the dice and then noticed the hammock and blanket were back in stock.

Now I have two orders pending......  

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Level 10

I just put in my order for Dice...

...and the 20th anniversary blanket..


...and some floppy disk coasters. Not sure about these, will they be ceramic with cork on the bottom, or actual floppies... Time will tell. 

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That blanket is perfect over my lap when watching a movie.  On cold mornings I wrap it around me as I work remotely from home.  It's a keeper--very warm!

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I love my floppy coasters especially during inspections because they freak out because I have unsecured media out on my desk and being used as a coaster.. So fun


I just got done ordering:




Geek Shirt

and Boss Ego key chain thang

Those are all cool items.  I got the charger last winter and am impressed with it.  The blanket can't be beat!

I have one blanket already, and as soon as I can catch another I will get more.   That is the best thing next to the Backpack on the Thwack Store.  I did get the Dice ordered today.  I already got my solar charger.  I have everything else on the store I want.  Bring out the BLANKETS!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW those blankets and solar chargers went quick!!!!!! 

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