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Level 8

A new beginning (and a feature request)

My solarwinds installation are old and have a huge backlog of stuff that is not relly used anymore.
I would like to start over with a clean database and new reinstall of 10.2 NPM.

I would imagine that I could export the node list and make a initial network discovery, BUT I would have to answer the question about which interfaces I should monitor. That would cause a problem, because I really only want to monitor uplink interfaces and few other.

I would love a feature in the network discovery part that instead of a type of interface could monitor all interfaces which had a string in it's description field, e.g. "uplink" or "mon" or even a customer choice one.

But that feature is not here, so does anybody have a good approach or suggestion?


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Level 15

have you seen this, Not as clean as a sw native way, but it could work for right now.

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