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Level 12

A new THWACK area - Orion Maps

An area dedicated to Orion Maps, is needed.

As SolarWinds has stated that Network Atlas will no longer be supported and Orion Maps is not on parity with Network Atlas, there will be many workarounds that will be needed. An Orion Maps area would make it a bit simpler for the community to share issues and workarounds. Maybe even a content exchange area.
And this would also allow for a centralized feature request area. Allowing the community to at least track what feature requests are being made and how long that request is active.

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Level 9

Amen brother.

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Good Idea, thumbs up.    

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Level 9


Recently, I added a couple of important feature requests for Orion Maps.

Feature Requests:

1. Orion Maps: HyperLink For Application, Group, and Node Icons

2. Orion Maps: Add HTML Target Attribute To Hyperlinks in Behavior Section

These features are currently available in Network Atlas. However, they have not yet been implemented in Orion Maps.

To any interested party (@jblankjblank, @mjperkins, @Jfrazier, @byrona, @designerfx, @cahunt, @jeremymayfield, @familyofcrowes, @cnorborg), an up vote on these feature requests would be much appreciate.


Isaiah Carriere
SolarWinds Consultant
Adeptec: SolarWinds Authorized Partner

I think Orion Maps might be considered under NPM, but I will certainly support a separate section dedicated to the new Orion Maps.

I have specifically been curious if/when ties to the Network Topology Mapper may be provided, as I am seeing an extended number of environments that have NTM with the bundled packages being sold now.

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Done sir. Nice work.
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Level 11

Very happy to give the first kudo to this idea.

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