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1MGMT srvr will work for SCOM built in ntw device Monitoring and Solarwinds NPM Network Device mntr?

Hi ,

We are going to set up SCOM 2019 environment.
Can we use one management server for SCOM built in network device Monitoring and Solarwinds NPM Network Device Monitoring.

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Well if its a production environment then i would ask you not to have 2 tools on the same server.

But then if you just want to test the same as a Test setup then check for the points that i did mention.

Hope it helps.

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Hi Ravi,

I am not sure if i understand your query, but let me rephrase it.

I guess what you are asking is can we install SCOM (be it the mgmt server etc) and NPM on the same server ??

If that's what you are asking for then basically i haven't worked on SCOM, but then you have to thoroughly check the pre-requisites for both the tools - SCOM and NPM.

You ought to be careful while you are browsing through the details as there are several things in common, i shall jot down few pointers which might be of help to you.

1. Both tools use Windows OS which you are already aware of.

2. Both tools have a SQL DB and you have to check if DB installed on the same server or is it running else where.

3. Both tools require ASP .NET (Check if both the tools can run on same version of .Net or not)

4. Both tools require IIS (Check for the conflict)

5. Since you are planning to install 2 tools on same server, check for capacity or performance issues on the server as in CPU, Memory etc

6. Last but not the least - PORTS, check the ports used by both the tool, if same port is being used by both the tools for processing data or requests then that will lead into several other issues.

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Thank you for the update Vinay.

Will check all the points mentioned.


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