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11.5 Alerting - I want the old one back!

I just wanted to take a moment to share my opinions with the community and see if I am alone in this or if people agree.

Yesterday I upgraded our Development instance of NPM / APM to the latest versions and I have to say, I am very disappointed in the new alerting mechanism. I used to be able to import and export Alert Actions. Now that's completely gone?! Maybe I am missing something, but I see nothing on the Trigger or Reset Actions pages that let me import the same action that I use elsewhere. Must I really type / add all the variables every time I add a new alert? Even through most of my alerts use the same bank of actions? This is so much more cumbersome than the Win32 application. I want the other new features of the new versions, but won't be upgrading my production version anytime soon - if ever - unless this stuff gets more user friendly.

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Level 20

I'm actually still on 11.0.1 NPM for this reason.  I think I could be ok now that most of the bugs have been worked out.  My fear since we depend on so many alerts that many wouldn't tranfer over to the web and all work correctly.  I believe since it's been couple point releases now I'm probably ok... maybe?  But you can understand my reservation.  I have alerts based on groups which I thought had been an issue for a while during first upgrade to 11.5.  This is the only thing holding me back from going all the way up on NPM, SAM, and NTA.

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Level 9

I agree, I have an extreme dislike for the  new Web Alerting. It is harder to understand, and is not intuitive like it was on the server.

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You're missing something. Everything is there.

At the bottom of the trigger page is are buttons for import and export

     that will create an XML file of the trigger values.

To import that into your reset, you first choose "Create a special reset condition...". Then click "Add Condition" and "Import condition from XML file."

Leon Adato | Head Geek
"Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable what is not so." - Gallileo

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Hi Leon,

Apart from the standard speed of use benefits of a Win32 app vs a browser based UI, I am much preferring the capabilities of the new Alerting Engine. However Csatola is correct, it is not possible to import alert actions in the web Alerting Engine. This is rather odd, as there is as you highlighted the ability to import Triggers, but not actions and in my experience it is the actions that are most commonly required to be exported and imported for re-use.

I would offer a suggestion for the design:

You have built an action library, so I would prefer to see an option in the Add Action function that allows you to reference an existing Alert Action, which as part of it's association allows you to use it as it is or to use this as a template which can be adjusted.

When we do installations for customers we have a library of Alert Actions with prebuilt structures for email message bodies for example, which we adjust for the customer and save as an importable action for any future alerts that may be created.

You could put that up as a feature request and have it voted upon.

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