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Level 16

11.5.1 on the way? Just not brave enough to that 11.5.0..


I know its a big release Sw should not  be shy to use "next gen" release...

Bugs are part software dev. And I understand that.

any chance to see that 11.5.1

I'm not fan of hot fixes.

thanks sja

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I noticed that SolarWinds posted NPM v11.5.1 on my Customer Portal, although I did not see any announcements about it in Thwack.  I wonder why no announcement was posted in Thwack about it.  Anyway, the URL for the Release Notes for NPM v11.5.1 is shown below:

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Release Notes

By the way, my SW instances are finally stable, after a lot of work and many meetings w/SW tech support.  So, I am not planning to install this new version yet. I will wait a few weeks, to see others' experiences with this new release.  What about you?  Are you planning to go for the update or will you wait as well?  Just curious...

We have been holding off on upgrades waiting for 11.5.1.  We got our major issue with MSMQ backing up resolved (not entirely sure it was related to the upgrade to 11.5) and now our installation is pretty stable.  We need to install the UDT (v.3.2.2) upgrade as well to fix the many issues with v.3.2.

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are trying to say that I'm  a chicken ?

So  yes  you're probably right...

I just push a new polling engine and NCM to my 11.1 setup.

I think ... we will "move up" when NCM will have the same alert engine.


Yep. Sorry to say, but so much broke with 11.5 that I'm not really willing to risk breaking more with 11.5.1. Someone else can guinea pig this one (h/t to newkidd2‌ lol)

We upgraded from 11.0.1 to 11.5.1 with zero issues.  Completely painless process.  Thank you SolarWinds!

That great news Mr ringo we need more of that type.

That's what I like to hear! I think I'm still going to wait a few more weeks, but this rebuilds confidence!

Thank you!


mmmm do I need to change the thread title to "is 11.5.2 is on the way? I just not brave enough to 11.5.1"

I hoped that  we can close that thread and move on.....

Haha. I think they're going to need to hit NPM 12 for that and get global search finalized.    

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Sadly, if when they release NPM v12, I think this thread will begin all over again... It may be a while before we can forget the Nightmare on Elm Street..Freddy Krueger.jpg

Err, I mean, the Nightmare on NPM Street...

Well, given what we've been through with v11.5.., I much rather be a Dancing Chicken.gifthan a Guinea Pig 2.jpg

Level 16

I hope someone from solarwinds PM will come with some "officel"updates....

What's Up /Down with NPM 11.5 SAM 6.2

Are there  any combination that are not playing well togther ?

Will sure help  to clear up some rumour?


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There are no systemic integration issues between modules at present. Apologies for the HF deployment issues- certainly that many manual steps isn't ideal, but our goal is to release urgent fixes as quickly as possible. In the future we're looking at a easier deployment option for Hotfixes, which should be ready shortly along with SR.

Level 14

I tried to apply NPM hotfixes #1 and #4 yesterday (per recommendations from SW tech support), but it did not go well at all.  Read and weep...

  • Once I made copies of the applicable files (and made SQL backup), I replaced the required files w/the ones provided in NPM hotfix #4.  The Config Wizard began to fail over and over again, just like it did when I upgraded to v11.5.  Basically, one ore more SW services would not get re-installed. 
  • After about 1 hour of many failed Config Wizard, repairing the NPM core and the Information services, I called SW tech support.
  • The SW technician was finally able to get the Config Wizard to complete, but the problems w/my custom Universal Device Poller and the alerts remained.  So, the SW technician suggested for me to apply NPM hotfix 1.
  • I applied hotfix #1 (after copying applicable files), but then the Config Wizard failures resurfaced.
  • I called SW tech support again, but this time the SW technician was not able to correct the problem or revert.  So, he led me through uninstalling NPM v11.5 and re-installing it (without any hot fixes). We had again more problems w/the Config Wizard but he was able to make it happen -- after over 2 more hours.

So, I am back to square one -- with the same problems w/the alerts and w/o hotfixes.  I added another note to the case, asking the developer for a true fix that does not require so much work.  I cannot afford to have my main monitoring system down for hours and hours again, especially if the work is fruitless.

PS:  I am getting flashbacks of the Nightmare of Elm Street movies.  Just when you thought everything was OK, Freddy would resurface and start the nightmare all over again...

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Oh no! I was hoping it was just me. Perhaps my post earlier was still being moderated when you started things.

I ripped their directory locations into a batch file that I attached to the thread so I didn't get into trouble by misdirecting files.

Batch went through without error doing the file backups and patching/overrides, and HF4 has intern resolved my issue for the traps.

Just going through things now with support to clarify things so I can get an understanding/resolve this Core Setup mismatch
Will update when I get something.

Hmm... copying files via a batch file...That's an interesting idea...  Thanks, squinsey‌!!!

You know, what you're describing sounds a lot like what I asked the SW folks for them to incorporate onto their hotfixes.     The current HF process very much prone to errors - especially when multiple servers also multiple directories are involved.

Anyway, I think I'll try that next time, instead of manually copying files.  Of course, I will think thrice before upgrading...  From now on, I'm going back to waiting a couple of months after new releases -- and learning from others' good and bad experiences. No more living in the bleeding edge.... Sorry, SW folks..., I'm just a bit tired of feeling like a guinea pig. 

Now that I think of it..., Where the name guinea pig come from? Those cute little rodents look nothing like pigs!!!      Guinea Pig.jpg

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Yer I do the batch way so I can do a test, then allow the T1 server guys to deploy patches etc overnight during the approved change window.

They then only need to give me a call if there is an bigger issue, as I've already gone through this kind of pain.

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so question as I just got an email to install hotfix 4 to address some problems , so question is 1-3 rolled up in 4 or do I need to do these other ones as well ? and is this hotfix worth the effort

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From what I understand...,

  1. SW posted four hot fixes for Orion Platform v2015.1, with HF4 being the latest one.  This latest one includes, supposedly, includes all previous hotfixes.  So, the answer  is no, you do not have to install HF1 - 3 for Orion Platform v2015.1. 
  2. SW also posted Network Performance Monitor v11.5-Hot Fix 1, which is a separate from the others listed above.  This hotfix contains additional fixes, which (per SW tech support) I had to install as well.

I hope this helps.

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Oh that does. Thanks for calling out that one - hadn't seen NPM v11.5 HF1 as yet. Best I check that one out.

Might be needing it for our PPT instance we're still ramping up before PROD is completely built.

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