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revert changes when one of the script commands failed

revert changes when one of the script commands failed

so if one of the commands was not recognized it would not skip on it and marked it as a success

it could be fatal if you're trying to configure tacacs and one of the commands failed but the auth still changed

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting

I like your idea, but I can see cases where reverting wouldn't be possible--particularly regarding security like TACACS.  If you change the IP addresses of TACACS servers, or their PSK's, or other AAA settings in a Cisco device, from that point onward NCM (and YOU) will be unable to make corrections to role back mistakes.  

There are other, similar changes that wouldn't be able to be rolled back (you changed the node's IP address, mask, gateway, certain ACL's, etc.).

Of course, it all relies on us making the right changes, avoiding typos, knowing what we're doing, knowing the results of the changes we apply before we make them.  

If we're only talking of being able to roll back changes that don't isolate the equipment from us, I support your request 100%.


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