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Update individual policy reports as needed

Update individual policy reports as needed

Instead of only having the option to update all policy reports, have the ability to use the check box selection to update individual reports.

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Level 10

This really needs to get implemented.  The functionality exists in the GUI to run individual reports, but when you have nodes load balanced across 5 polling engines it just isn't practical.  You end up having to connect to each polling engine, then combine the multiple reports into one each time you want to run it.

Level 15

See this thread for more details:

Level 18
Level 8

Hi, you mentioned that the functionality exists in the GUI to run individual reports" could you tell me how I could do that? I need to run this report often and the only option i see is Update all which takes much more time because there are 50 other reports that are triggered. Thanks.

Level 9

We are waiting for this feature as implemented in 7.3. for me that is not a feature request, that is a missed parameter/function for NCM. for exmp: If you manage more than 20000 devices and If you have more than 1 policy report, you need to wait for all updates for all reports. of course all report checks maybe more than 5000 devices. current solution "after finish your job please delete your report"

I totally agree! We are managing more than 30.000 devices with NCM and have several Compliance Reports that run on a regular basis. It takes forever for our Admins (who are not granted permission to the Server Application) to run a Report Ad-Hoc.

Level 12

Can't believe this isn't a feature!!!!! C'mon guys!!!!!?????????

Level 18

Actually, it is -- in NCM 7.4. Therefore, marked as "implemented".