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Show number of nodes assigned to an NCM connection profile

Show number of nodes assigned to an NCM connection profile

In the gui you can see how many nodes have a WMI or SNMP credential such as pastedImage_0.png

I'd like to see the same for NCM under connection profiles along with having the number of nodes be a link to seeing the number of nodes a credential is applied to. I'm aware this data is elsewhere but it would be more consistent with NPM to have this listed. There's already blank space under NCM connection profiles that this could fit under easily. I know in my case in specific I have a number of connection profiles so this would be helpful.


Level 14

I think this is a good idea, but if you need the data you could write a query in SWQL.  This will show you the profile ID's and then you can run a count query on each one if you want.  



FROM Cirrus.NodeProperties CIRNP

Good idea. Whilst we can get this via SWQL, I believe this is something that should be put in for all those who haven't the skills in-house to use the SDK.

The more Orion can do out of the box, the better,  in my opinion:)

If there was a more streamlined way to embed reports as a component than an iframe, yes. Otherwise, not so much.

Would still be nice; bump!

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Here's a SQL query that you can use. It doesn't show you the <username> used in the connection profile. But it shows you the connection profile name and how many times it is used.

CP.Name, COUNT(NP.ConnectionProfile) AS [Used]
FROM NCM_NodeProperties AS NP
INNER JOIN NCM_ConnectionProfiles AS CP ON NP.ConnectionProfile=CP.ID
GROUP BY NP.ConnectionProfile, CP.Name