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Remove the need for Admin Access

Remove the need for Admin Access

It would be nice if we can allow users to use NCM without having to give them admin rights to the entire SolarWinds Console.  I would be nice to have something like we do with SAM where you can select what sort of rights you want a group of people to have within a certain module rather than just giving them blanket admin rights.

Level 9

I'm supporting this request its nice to implement it without a for full Admin right. IT Security team will get concerned if everyone on group users have Admin rights. Just because if Firmware Upgrades.


What functions specifically do you feel are Admin locked that you think should be moved to Power User / User roles? NCM does adhere to RBAC so I can only imagine it's something to do with functionality, similar to being able to Manage Nodes in NPM maybe?

Level 14

@dgsmith80 The ability to manage jobs should be included in the NCM admin role I believe...but you have to be a full blown admin to have this.  So every time there is the need for a job, network engineers have to rely on me to set it up.  

I echo what @smttysmth02gt says.  There should be an "NCM Admin" role that allows them to run firmware upgrades and other jobs but without giving them rights to the entire console.  This introduces a variable that could really mess up the environment that I spent so much time and effort building.  The way I run my system is that my "customer" are the different teams, like Network.  I treat SolarWinds like a service so that I only give them what they need to do what they need.  Giving a large group of people admin rights is dangerous and can cost me untold hours to fix something if say someone deletes a custom property field because they felt it wasn't needed for their group of nodes not knowing that would impact everything (true story, it took me about 2 hours on a Sunday to fix because it caused every one of my elements, over 80,000, to send out an alert).

Ok so if Jobs is your main concern I would argue that Jobs isn't strictly an NCM only function. I would never give my engineers Job access, as they could start scheduling all sorts of script pulls and job runs left right and centre with no regard to the existing back end scheduling. Maybe it depends on the scale of your environment, but I would rather see that as an extra function you can add to the role outside of the NCM Role itself ie I can give WebUploader & Enable Job access etc.