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NCM should collect lldp inventory

NCM should collect lldp inventory

NCM should collect lldp inventory. This feature is very important for network monitoring tools and SolarWinds (NCM) should collect lldp inventory.

LLDP Neighbors

node, interface,  remote port, remote SystemName etc.


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Level 16

I think this is the same as

Level 10

yes, already I voted up your idea

Level 10

you are right, but it would be wonderful to get such a feature.

and if there are several requester then the feature could be possible implemented faster, or not?

Level 8

Having only recently become aware of LLDP and the information it presents, that is not available via any other easier method. Has there been any progress on adding this to Orion?

I am looking into this feature as well. I set-up CDP but I would want both CDP and LLDP information within my table.