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It would be great if it is possible to create a NCM job collecting ANY command output from NCM devices,

format it based on flexible filter/scripting criteria and write the results directly into the NCM/NPM database for further processing.

Further processing means e.g. create SQL reports, merge tables, show output on NPM/NCM GUI a.s.o.

Even Alerting based on NCM output would be thinkable and very fancy because SNMP is getting more and more unsupported as we see on new products like Cisco Nexus.....

I know this can be delicate to develop, wrong handling could crash SQL DB structure,

but I think this is a question of plausability checks on frontend like Solarwinds already does it very well in other features of Orion...


Collect MAC address tables and ARP tables from Cisco devices, split collected fields and write it into SQL DB columns.

Then create a report, joining ARP with MAC tables.

Collect "show inventory", "show version", "show module" depending on Cisco device type,

to gather really the correct serial numbers of any component used in Cisco devices, module a.s.o.

Grep serials out of the whole output (e.g. via embedded scripting capabilities) and write it into database in format:


One major advantage would be:

we are not depending on any Vendor implementation for collecting valuable information e.g. via SNMP which can be very painful as we know.

So just pushing propper "show" commands will deliver what we need and we decide what we want to do with it.

At the moment it seems like this is only possible via NCM job and choose option "save output to a file"

This plain files have to be processed further outside of Orion via scripting which is not a good solution at the moment...

Thanks for your comments and votes

Level 11

Yes this is would be extremely beneficial. Especially that have to gather configurations for various compliance bodies.

Level 9

This would help with my need to backup configuration of Adtran Atlas which create a binary backup file.

Level 7

This is would be extremely helpful.

I'm on board with this request. 

However, have you worked with SDK and run SWQL or SQL commands to generate the reports you want?

Have you reviewed existing canned Reports to see if the inventory query you desire is present?

"So far" I've not run into any inventory reports that I need that either are not already provided, or that can't be created with Custom SQL or SWQL syntax.

I confess that I also rely on other tools (like Switch Port Mapper from the Engineers' Toolset) to correlate MAC addresses, IP addresses, and DNS resolutions for the devices on a given switch--but that's on a per-switch basis, not globally across all managed nodes.

To achieve that global amount of information, I believe SW sells UDT to do the same thing.  I wouldn't be surprised if their IPAM also has that ability, but I understand that UDT also correlates this information with physical switch ports--which is really what I need most often.

Even though granting this request's abilities and functionality would duplicate that which is within UDT (and possibly IPAM), I still think it makes sense to offer it as you requested, bundled in to NCM.