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Modify NCM / NPM Node Management so CLI polling credentials can be selected from a drop down, AND be applied to multiple nodes as groups

Modify NCM / NPM Node Management so CLI polling credentials can be selected from a drop down, AND be applied to multiple nodes as groups

SolarWinds NPM/NCM doesn't allow a person to globally change the "Enable CLI polling" credential for multiple devices or device types.

Equally as bad:  There's no way to apply this polling setting and its credentials to all nodes of one type.  One must manually enter in the credentials separately for each device that will use them.

Please let us select the CLI name and password from a drop-down and apply it to a group, instead of forcing us to do this on a per-node basis, one-node-at-a-time.   And let us enable CLI Polling for groups of ASA's, Nexus devices, and ACI logins.

There are multiple areas in which this should be accomplished:

  • Individually--just as it is now when editing a Node.  Click the box to Enable CLI polling for that individual node, but let the name and password be selected from a drop down, just like it is done for setting snmp credentials to monitor the node.

  • By group:
    • Admin > Node Management > Manage Nodes
      • Group by machine type or vendor, etc.
      • Select all the nodes in a group
      • Check the box to Enable CLI polling
      • Select the CLI login name and password from a dropdown.  The password need not be visible--it should be tied to the CLI login name.
      • Apply it to all of the selected Nodes

  • Use logic to filter nodes by defined criteria and automatically apply the CLI credentials to them all via a dropdown for name and password.  An example of this might be if you included "CFW" in the names of all your Cisco Firewalls.  You'd use the logic to select "Node Name (or system name, or caption) contains 'CFW'"  and apply CLI login credentials to all of those devices.


This should also apply to ACI login credentials:


Level 20

I'm not sure why this wasn't done in the first place really...

I couldn't say for certain, but I suspect it was just missed, something to clean up in a future version.  They might have wanted the CLI polling functionality more quickly than they could build the rest of the product out to leverage it on an Enterprise / bulk-node-adjustment basis.

Level 12

It will be good to have a Drop Down Menu options for the Nodes only being Polled by ICMP.

There is a work around for this but it means updating the Nodes Data Table via the SolarWinds Database Manager.

Level 16

Hi rschroeder

From that thread I suspect that there are some more issues with cli polling.

I'd love to see it leverage the NCM credentials if available!



Bump.  Folks, if we don't get this to 1000 likes from as many people, it probably won't make it into a future version.